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Lunch Special Everyday open to 4pm

Include 1 starter and a bottle of water or Thai iced tea with milk or Thai iced coffee with milk

Starter : Fried Chicken Dumpling

Spring Roll

Green Salad 

Choice of Chicken  $15

Vegetables and Tofu $15

Shrimp $16


PadThai Stir-fried rice Noodle with egg, bean sprouts, turnip,scallions, and crushed peanuts.

Pad See Eiw Broad flat rice noodle stir-fried with egg, American and Chinese broccoli in a sweet soy sauce.

Pad Kee Mao Broad flat rice noodle stir-fried in spicy sauce with onions, fresh basil, bell peppers and egg.

Thai Fried Rice Stir- fried rice with scallions, onions, tomatoes, carrots, and egg.

The Pineapple Fried Rice Stir fried rice with pineapples, onions, scallions, tomatoes, carrots, and egg. Garnished with roasted cashew nuts.

Spicy Basil Fried Rice Stir fried rice in spicy sauce, chili, egg, onions, fresh basil, and bell pepper.

Pad Ka-Prow Stir fried fresh basil, chili, onions, bell peppers and garlic in exotic Thai spicy sauce.

Pad Med Ma-Muang Stir fried roasted cashew nuts, onions, mushrooms, carrots, scallions and bell peppers in homemade house sauce.

Red Curry Spices cooked in red chili paste with bamboo shoots, fresh basil and bell peppers. Simmered in coconut milk. 

Green Curry Spices cooked in green chili paste with eggplants, bell peppers, and fresh basil. Simmered in coconut milk. 

Massaman Curry Mild spices cooked in Massaman curry paste with potatoes, onions, dried shallots, and peanuts. Simmered in coconut milk. Mild spicy.


@Nine Lunch Pork Chop  $15

@Nine Grilled Salmon Rad Prik  $15

@Nine Pork Chop with Black Pepper Sauce ( comes with salad and fries)  $15

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